One Year Anniversary


Well today is my 1year of having my own business !!!!!! Wow have I learned a lot. Not just on how to run and operate the salon in an Rv.

There was a lot of learning curves in the Beauty Carriage. Well of course I come up with this crazy idea and of course there was no blue print on my salon. I have had to come up with everything . From the perfect layout of the Rv , to the wall paper used , the right floor that can with stand the elements, the right grout that was more flexible than normal grout, the right size chair that will fit everyone’s body type, and the shampoo bowl.

I had to come up with what I want the client to feel and hopefully inspire . For that time you are in my shop that you feel that this is your personal salon and to truly relax by the beach and look at life a bit different. To get a away of the busy daily grind of the day to day.

Also Beauty Carriage has opened my eyes to the world in which we live in . We are basically off the grid in the Beauty Carriage . Only using fuel to go and fro from the beach but also to blow dry hair. No more roasting anyone under the dryer for their color or highlights. From not being in an air conditioned place I have seen a difference in my color and the hair is in much better condition.

I am now starting my own product line that is organic . We know where it is coming from and what is in it. One of my dreams is to one day retail these products and to franchise out my salon.

Thank you all that has stood by me and see the dream come true. I am truly blessed to have the right people in my life.