A little something new to try

Aloha. Sorry I didn’t write a post In the past 2weeks. I had some family issues to deal with. But now everything is back on track. So this for this post I want to talk about going to different cultures beauty supplies! I absolutely love going to check out what women in different parts of the world use on their skin but also their makeup.

While I was on my Hawaii trip my friend and I stopped in a Korean beauty store. From the outside it looked like an American shop called ” The Body Shop” . There was everything in this store. So we decided to get some facial masks . I also bought some face lotion.

As I was walking around I noticed that there was a lot of marine based anti aging products. Like green algae and seaweed. Another big ingredient was fermented red algae . I saw these ingredients in sun block , facial products , and even makeup. The girl that worked there didn’t speak very good English so I didn’t there a very good description of why and what the ingredient is good for.

Along a wall were individual masks to buy for $2. For $2 I will try it. It was raining that night in Oahu so what other fun to do then a girls night in! I bought the collagen mask and my friend bought a pearl mask for brightening . It was crazy when we pulled it out of the package. It looked like a serial killer mask. We did it just as instructed . The results were amazing ! These products really work and I don’t say that too much anymore.






So don’t be afraid to try new beauty products from different cultures ! You never know and might be pleasantly suprised!

Aloha, Mahalo


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