Support local business

Aloha friends!!! As a small business myself I always try to support small local shops while I am at home here in San Diego and on vacation. I feel it’s really important to maybe go out of our way to find those places and maybe pay a bit more in the end.

While my my trip I stumbled upon a super cool coffee shop that had local hats , sign, and jewelry artists . Of course I bought an amazing sign made of all recycled local wood and paint . I also bought my hat that I am obsessed with! I love my gems I found because I know no one has these and that to me makes them special .




I also in my favorite towns I follow shops, photographers, and bloggers on Instagram . They are fun to follow and see what is going on in the culture of that city.



One thought on “Support local business

  1. Fantastic post and sentiment! I totally agree and always try to make that effort too! So much more exciting knowing where something came from and whose hands made it real!

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