Hawaii inspired me

While I was sitting on the beach in Hawaii , I came up with an idea to make a hair and body oil . The oil would be a wonderful conditioning / waterproof product while the summer elements take a toll on our hair. Siting there on the beach and going into that Hawaiian water I was thinking what oils would be the best. And then it came to me. Kukui , coconut, and macadamia nut oils would be amazing!!!!! Researching the oils I then discovered that they would be perfect for hair and so wonderful to put on the body after your shower !!!!

Kukui nut oil – super fatty light weight oil . Great for hair and skin. Really helps skin with sunburn and eczema .

Macadamia nut oil – full of anti oxidants and good fats. Natural sebum oil . And heals wounds and sunburn .

Coconut oil – natural antibacterial properties . Helps strengthen the under lying skin. An unexpected use is a natural deodorant !!!! Helps skin with free radicals . Also of course with sunburn!!




I will have these for sale starting in June !!!! $15 each !!!!


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